Everest App ReviewEverest – Live Your Dreams & Achieve Personal Goals By Everest is a free iPod/iPhone app designed to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

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This app accomplishes this by having you enter all of your goals as dreams and then breaking these goals down into smaller steps. If you need help figuring out what steps you need to achieve your goal you can look at other people’s goals and see what steps they added to their dream. Dreams can be public or private; you can also post your dreams achievements to your social networks.

When you create a dream you are asked what your dream is. A due date can be added to a dream or you can leave it marked as someday. You can even categorize the dream. Once this basic information is added you can post it to Facebook, Twitter or email it to some one. Once you have a dream you can start adding steps. The name of the step, if the step is already done, which dream to add this step to and when the step is due to be done. While working on your dreams you can also take pictures and add notes to your dreams.

You can also explore other people’s dreams and copy their steps into your dreams. It would be nice if you could also copy other people’s dreams and add them as your own. You can either look at the progress of the people your following are making or everyone in the Everest network. You can even post comments on other people’s progress. In the challenge section you can accept challenges set by other people and brands. Challenges are goals you can add to your dream list or add to an existing dream.

This app is well put together; at the time of writing this is only the second revision of this app. The reviews by other users are glowing and I agree. This app can help people set goals they want to achieve. It would be very nice to see an iPad native version of this app.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Everest App ReviewEverest App ReviewEverest App ReviewEverest App Review