delicious emilys weddingFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Developer: GameHouse

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Great is what I said when I found out I would be reviewing a game about a wedding. I am sorry, but I never get excited about weddings. I am not a heartless guy at all, but I just do not get all giddy when it comes to weddings. So I am sure you can understand my lack of enthusiasm about a wedding game. But then I played it……………….. and I could not stop playing it.

Now I like to talk about a games presentation first, but the truth is that if six months down the line you asked me to tell you what this game looks like I probably could not, but I bet you anything I could tell you about the games story.

You see the story in this game hooked me. That is right a game about a wedding hooked me. You play as Emily who runs a nice little cafe and she has met the man of her dreams. The problem is this guy has some serious baggage. A crazy and somewhat evil mother in law who does not want this wedding to happen.

Not only is she a horrible mother in law she believes in these crazy Irish superstitions that have stated that this marriage is doomed. Add to this a not so nice ex girlfriend and you can see Emily’s dream wedding is not looking to good. But there is a old Irish superstition that says if Emily goes to Ireland and throws a penny down a well that a old Irish lady will grant her marriage good luck.

That is the games story how crazy is that. I just had to keep on playing to find out what the heck was going to happen next. “Are you still playing that game” my wife asked me many times with a weird look on her face as she saw me play this. And you know what the really messed up thing about this game is? This amazing, weird and crazy story has nothing to do with the game play.

You see I did mention Emily runs a cafe and despite all this stuff going on she still needs to run her cafe and that is pretty much what the game is all about. You will need to keep this cafe running by taking orders, payment and keeping the place tidy. This to a 31 year old man sounds boring, but just when my interest would drop a little something odd would happen like Emily’s cat gets messy by falling into the sewer and you need to clean him, but still keep your cafe running. Or some jerk pigeons will leave a mess on Emily’s windows. I never knew what was going to happen next! And that kept me hooked.

I loved this game I really did. And I cannot believe it! This 99.999999/100 is the kind of game I would never give a second look at, but it just goes to show that you should keep a open mind when it comes trying out a game. Downloading this game is an absolute no brainer.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store