If you’re tired of using the same old boring cases as everyone else, then you’re in luck. Whether you want to create your own case by hand, or you just want to order one with your design on it, this article will help you get it done.


Case-mate lets you create cases with your own designs. They offer a $35 case with basic protection, a $40 one with medium protection and a $45 case with maximum protection. All you have to do is visit their site, select your case option and then design it.


The case-mate designer lets you add images and text to your case. You can even change the background color

DIY Custom Case

If you want to make your own case by hand, then you can follow this tutorial. Basically you just need to buy a clear iPhone case and then print out your design on paper. Take that paper (which is hopefully quality laser printer paper) and then glue it to the inside of the case.

This way your design shows up and you have your own “custom” case. The benefit of the DIY approach is that it costs less than two bucks. The downside is that it isn’t a quality case and it takes time to make it.