csr racingFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: NaturalMotion

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

CSR Racing is one of those games I could not wait to play. I had read many previews and drooled over the gorgeous graphics. And of course this is a game that everyone is playing. In the last year it is one of the best selling apps on the iOS. So there must be something very special about this game right?

One of the best things about CSR Racing is the games graphics. This game looks phenomenal. I have said that about many iOS games the last year or so, but this one really does look spectacular. The detail on the various cars is staggering. This is the perfect example of a very high polished game. It gives many console driving games a run for there money when it comes to the looks of the cars. The whole game is based on street drag racing and the presentation of the game represents this world very well.

As far as game play goes this is not your traditional racing game. It is based on street drag racing. So the control scheme is somewhat rather odd. You may be expecting to steer using the motion controls of your iOS device well you would be wrong. Perhaps you are thinking that there is an onscreen controller well sorry to tell you this, but once again you would be wrong.

The best way I feel to describe the game play of CSR Racing is a racing game filled with quick time events. You really have no control over steering, but you will be prompted to do something like gear shifting for example. It is a very simple and unusual for a racing game control scheme, but it is fun and it actually feels quite rewarding when you master the controls. The typical race in this game lasts roughly 15 seconds at most so it is not as if you are sat there for minutes on end without anything to do.

The problem I had with this game is one that many other people around the world had and that was the very aggressive in app purchases. Now I know that this is not a new thing, but I think that CSR Racing goes a little over the top here. The developers have said that you can play this game without ever spending a penny. And that to there credit is true, but the progress you will make by doing things in game is so very slow that I am sure you will lose interest before you really get to buy some of the really cool cars and various vehicle upgrades.

This is such a shame as at heart this is a very fun and unique racing game unlike anything else I have played on my iPad. But the in app purchases really killed my motivation for it. To put it into perspective there is even a £69.99 in app purchase available (sorry do not know how to convert that into dollars my American friends, but its the better part of 100 bucks)

Like I said in app purchases are nothing new, but this is a game that feels like it was designed around in app purchases. I still say give the free game a try though as you will get some enjoyment out of it as after all it is a very well made game. Just a really expensive one if you really want to get into it.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store