With so many iPhone 5S cases to pick from this year, it’s become a real hassle to find the right case for you. Some cases will surprise you by having a great build quality while others will surprise you by breaking within a couple of days. You probably don’t have the time or the money to try out every case imaginable, so we took it upon ourselves to document the pros and cons of every notable case imaginable.


Top iPhone 5S Cases of 2014 on Amazon

If you regularly shop on amazon, check our list of best iphone 5s cases on amazon.com. The great thing about Amazon is that you can easily make your cart qualify for free shipping. Below we’ve listed the top five cases from our top 20 iPhone 5S case list.

Spigen Tough Armor Case

Spigen Tough Armor CaseThis Spigen case is a great gem that most people don’t know about. A lot of customers report it as being more reliable and comfortable than the OtterBox Defender Case. It’s definitely worth checking out in your hunt for the perfect case.

LUVVITT® CLEARVIEW Scratch-Resistant Slim Clear Back Case with Bumper

LUVVITT® CLEARVIEW Scratch-Resistant Slim Clear Back Case with Bumper If you looked at the picture above and said “where’s the case?” then you’ve asked the right question 😉 This case is a see-through case that is meant to show off the iPhone’s beauty while still protecting it. The Luvvitt case does this without putting a flashy logo on the case or making it really expensive.

Laza Slim Jelly Gloss Case

Laza iPhone 5 iPhone 5s Slim Jelly Gloss Case Flexible Soft TPU Case The Slim Jelly Gloss case may be really cheap in price, but it has a great look and build quality. This translucent case lets the burning iPhone 5S logo shine through and the effect is just stunning. If you don’t need to protect your phone from major drops then you should look into the Laza Slim Jelly Gloss case.

CaseCrown Bonbons Glider Case

CaseCrown Bonbons Glider Case This is a two piece case that has a great glossy finish and comes in a wide range of colors.

Acase Superleggera PRO Dual Layer Protection Case

Acase iPhone 5s Case / iPhone 5 case - Superleggera PRO Dual Layer Protection case The Acase case (sounds weird saying this) is really well-rated by customers and offers a lot of protection for its price.


Most-Popular Brands of iPhone 5S Cases

The following brands seem to be the most popular based on Google search volume and Amazon consumer reviews.

LifeProof Cases

The two most significant iPhone 5S cases are called the Nüüd and Frē. These names are word plays on the words “nude” and “free.” The Nuud case is waterproof but has not built-in screen protector, and the Fre case has a built in screen-protector that still works with the iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner.

Although these cases are expensive, they are highly worth it considering the fact that they protect your phone from drops, mud, snow, water submersion, and sand.

For a comprehensive review of LifeProof cases please read our article on LifeProof cases for the iphone 5s.

Speck Cases

The Speck cases are interestingly functional. Most notably interesting are the TouchSkin Duo and SmartFlex Card cases. One of these cases doubles up as a kickstand while the other doubles up as a wallet.

OtterBox Cases

The OtterBox cases come in various series. However, the most notable are the Prefix Series and the Defender Series. The Defender Series is made up of three protective layers and has a built-in screen protector, while the Prefix Series has two layers and does not have a built-in screen protector.

Case Mate Cases

Case Mate has some really interesting cases. One of which is called the Barely There case which is see through and really thin, and the other which is called Woods, which has a real wood texture on the back.

If you’re prone to dropping your iphone in the toilet, or tend to fall into the lake a lot, or like to use your iphone as a GPS when you go biking, or like to take pictures under water, then you would want to get a waterproof case for your iphone 5S. Just keep in mind that dropping your waterproof case may diminish its waterproof effectiveness. Not a lot of the case companies out there insure your phone in the event that it’s damaged while in their “waterproof” case.


Best Waterproof iPhone 5S Cases

The great thing about LifeProof is that they offer a $10 total water protection plan to their customers, which ensures their phone will be repaired or replaced in the event of it being damaged while in a LifeProof case. This warranty lasts for one year after the purchase of the device or plan.

Another really great underwater case is the Seashell Photo Housing Underwater case. It lets you submerse your phone for up to 40m or 130 feet!


Cheap iPhone Cases

If all of the cases above are out of your budget, or too advanced for your needs, you may want to check out these cheap and simple iphone 5s cases:

The Caseology Transparent Hybrid Bumper case is pretty cool because it lets you insert any design or photo into the back of your phone for full customization.

In addition to protecting iPhones very well, the rooCase also double up as a kickstand. For a cheap case you couldn’t ask for more. This is one of the best cases to consider when on a budget.

The Ionic Guardian Armor Case does a very good job of user bumpers to protect the phone from impact. This is another case that you should look at when considering the purchase of an affordable case.


Leather iPhone Cases

Last but not least… if you’re a fan of leather products, do check out our article on leather 5s cases. Here are a few to get you started:

The map case pictured above is a really high quality genuine leather case. You’ll be blown away by its beauty and functionality when you find out it even doubles up as a wallet.

The Classic Book case doesn’t just double as a wallet and case. It can also be used as a kickstand! How’s that for an amazing leather case?

The Bear Motion Luxury Lambskin case is another stunning case for the iPhone 5S. It’s made out of lambskin and doubles up as a wallet.


Further Search for the Best Case

If you’ve read through all of our posts and have noticed a case we missed, please comment with a link to it below. We’re on a mission to find the best cases for the iPhone 5S and to share them with other people online that can benefit from them. We’ve helped our readers with our extensive case research and reporting and maybe you can chime in with some tips of your own 😉


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