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Badly Drawn Logos Answers / Solutions


Here are the answers for the Átta Pad in the Badly Drawn Logos game for iphone / ipad / ipod:

Badly Drawn Logos Microsoft WindowsMicrosoft Windows
The squares are colored red, green, yellow, and blue
This logo is associated with a company and its operating system
The corporation was started by Bill Gates and Paul Allen
Badly Drawn Logos Mighty DucksMighty Ducks
This logo is associated with a 1992 Disney movie
Emilio Estevez played the coach in the hockey movie
Badly Drawn Logos Milton BradleyMilton Bradley
This brand is associated with games
Hasbro owns this Twister and Yahtzee producer
The founder’s first name was Milton
Badly Drawn Logos MitsubishiMitsubishi
They made Japan’s first 4-wheel-drive production car
Many Jackie Chan films feature this car brand
Their models include the Lancer, Galant, and Outlander
Badly Drawn Logos Monster Energy DrinkMonster Energy Drink
They’re known to endorse bands and motor sport athletes
They make a popular energy drink
The brand name is a word for a scary creature
Badly Drawn Logos Monsters INC.Monsters INC.
It’s a fictional corporation
It was the title of a Disney-Pixar movie
This company generates power for the city by scaring children
Badly Drawn Logos Morton SaltMorton Salt
Their slogan is ‘When It Rains It Pours’
You can buy their product iodized or non-iodized
That girl is pouring out salt
Badly Drawn Logos Motorola Inc.Motorola Inc.
They introduced the world’s first mobile phone
During the 1950s, they were a top television manufacturer in the US
They designed the Droid smartphone
Badly Drawn Logos FirefoxFirefox
The product was originally going to be called ‘Phoenix’
This web browser can be downloaded for free
The name comes from the nickname for a red panda
Badly Drawn Logos NapsterNapster
Peer-to-peer file sharing gave this company their start
It merged with Rhapsody in Dec 2011
This company was charged with copyright infringement
Badly Drawn Logos NASANASA
This group is known for exploring new horizons
Dwight D. Eisenhower established this administration
Currently, they are monitoring a rover on the planet Mars
Badly Drawn Logos NetscapeNetscape
This company was acquired by AOL in 1999
Its web browser thrived in the 1990s but has since been in decline
Its browser was called the ______ Navigator
Badly Drawn Logos New BalanceNew Balance
You might like this company’s product if you like to exercise
This company uses number digits to name their products
Their shoes should help you maintain composure
Badly Drawn Logos United ArtistsUnited Artists
This logo represents a film studio
Now owned by MGM, Tom Cruise used to own part of it
Uni_ _ _ Art_ _ _ _
Badly Drawn Logos United States Postal ServiceUnited States Postal Service
They are not be confused with their ‘Brown’ competitor
It was founded in 1775 under Benjamin Franklin
This US-centric agency takes care of your mailing needs
Badly Drawn Logos Van HalenVan Halen
It’s a hard rock band
They’re responsible for ‘Jump’ and ‘Panama’
Eddie is the guitarist and his last name is the band’s name
Badly Drawn Logos VansVans
This brand has been ‘Off the wall’ since 1966
This company sponsors Warped Tour
They manufacture shoes, primarily for skaters
Badly Drawn Logos VodafoneVodafone
It’s a large telecommunications company
They were responsible for the UK’s first mobile call in 1985
The name combines elements of voice, data, and phone
Badly Drawn Logos VolkswagenVolkswagen
The design inside this logo is of two letters
This manufacturer was originally founded in 1937 in Germany
A product of this company is associated with a punching car game
Badly Drawn Logos WalgreensWalgreens
This company is ‘at the corner of happy and healthy’
It began in 1901 as a neighborhood store
They are the number one drug retailing chain in the USA
Badly Drawn Logos Warner Music GroupWarner Music Group
They own Warner Bros. Records and Atlantic Records
Saul Bass created the logo for this music group in 1974
Their name is traced back to Jack Warner
Badly Drawn Logos Waste Management, Inc.Waste Management, Inc.
They deal with stuff you don’t want
This corporation is North America’s largest recycler
They manage waste and create renewable energy
Badly Drawn Logos XboxXbox
This video game console was first introduced in 2005
You can play with other gamers online
The successor of the original product was the ‘360’
Badly Drawn Logos ZyngaZynga
It’s a social gaming service
A dog that founder Mark Pincus once had inspired the name and logo
Their games include ‘FarmVille’ and ‘Words With Friends’
Badly Drawn Logos AflacAflac
This company provides supplemental insurance
They launched a major advertising campaign in 1991
It’s known for its quacking duck mascot
Badly Drawn Logos Democrat PartyDemocrat Party
Thomas Jefferson and James Madison helped form this group
This party is known for its social, liberal, and progressive policies
US President Barack Obama is part of this political party
Badly Drawn Logos Chicken of the SeaChicken of the Sea
Despite the name, they’re a seafood brand
2012 marked the 60th birthday of this company’s mermaid mascot
Canned tuna is probably their most popular product
Badly Drawn Logos In-N-OutIn-N-Out
This chain opened its first location in 1948
You can order a Double Double, 3×3 or Animal Style burger here
It was California’s first burger drive-thru
Badly Drawn Logos Newcastle Brown AleNewcastle Brown Ale
This drink is sometimes called ‘Dog’
Heineken owns this beer brand
It’s a brown ale from the UK
Badly Drawn Logos Panda ExpressPanda Express
It was started by a man and his dad who moved from China to the US
This fast food restaurant focuses on American-Chinese cuisine
The Panda Inn led to this casual chain branched from it
Badly Drawn Logos Rolling StonesRolling Stones
This group was part of the 1960s’ British Invasion
Its band members include Mick Jagger and Keith Richards
This rock-n-roll band hasn’t stopped rolling
Badly Drawn Logos DoveDove
This company has a mission to improve women’s self-esteem
This toiletries brand is owned by Unilever
It shares a name with a bird which represents peace
Badly Drawn Logos Entertainment TelevisionEntertainment Television
This company frequently attends red carpet events
NBCUniversal owns this television network
This company always has the latest scoop on celebrity news
Badly Drawn Logos Liberty MutualLiberty Mutual
Its customers include drivers and homeowners
Founded in 1912, this company provides insurance
A synonym for their name would be ‘Freedom Reciprocated’
Badly Drawn Logos WestinghouseWestinghouse
This company is part of the energy industry
Almost 50% of nuclear power plants use their technology
Before expanding, this company started out in the West
Badly Drawn Logos Chelsea Football ClubChelsea Football Club
You can find them at Stamford Bridge
This English Premier League team is nicknamed the ‘Blues’
They share a name with former President Clinton’s only daughter
Badly Drawn Logos JägermeisterJägermeister
Curt Mast developed the original recipe for this drink
You might have heard a rumor that it contained deer or elk blood
This German alcohol is sold in a green bottle
Badly Drawn Logos Nine Inch NailsNine Inch Nails
This rock band sang ‘Closer’ and ‘Hurt’
Trent Reznor is the lead singer
It rhymes with ‘fine pinch tails’
Badly Drawn Logos Samuel AdamsSamuel Adams
This brand of beer is brewed by the Boston Beer Company
It’s named for an American patriot
Seasonal flavors include East-West Kölsch and Dunkelweizen
Badly Drawn Logos NickelodeonNickelodeon
This TV network was originally called The Pinwheel Network
Launched in 1977, this is a popular American children’s channel
Shows include SpongeBob SquarePants and Rugrats

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