If you want to keep some or all of your images private on your iPhone or other Apple device, there are a variety of apps to choose from. One of the most popular image privacy apps is Private Photo Vault. This is a free app that allows you to create albums that you can lock with either a password, pattern locking or a pin lock that requires a four digit password.

Another popular app for hiding the pictures on your iPhone is SpyCalc which hides pictures behind a calculator. You can then view whatever pictures you’ve hidden by typing in a password number combination into the calculator. There is a free version of this app and a paid one if you don’t like the ads. Keep Safe is another option, and this app has its own camera so you can take pictures and automatically hide them in a password protected area.

Other choices for apps to hide pictures on your iPhone include the Pic Lock 2.0 app. This app works similarly to the Private Photo Vault app and you can get it for free or opt for the paid version. KYMS is a picture hiding app that works similarly to SpyCalc and allows you to hide not only pictures, but videos as well behind a calculator. The paid version of KYMS also hides documents as well.