100 Floors - Floor 91Floor 91:

-click brush on floor to move to inventory
-click brush in inventory, use it to wipe the patch of white in the lower right side to reveal the number “16”
-tap on the “16” to fill tiles on door with different colors
-tap each tile on door to change to following colors:

top-left: orange
top-middle: light blue
top-right: dark blue
bottom-left: green
bottom-middle: pink
bottom-right: yellow

(Reason behind the solution: See the 6 colored wall tiles above the door?  If you take these and flip them upside down, you’ll get the same color arrangement that’s on the door tiles.  This is the 91th floor, so the “16” you see on the wall is really “91” upside down, hinting at the fact that you need to flip the wall tiles upside down and match the door tiles to the resulting ordering.)

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