100 Floors - Floor 9Floor 9:
-There are 8 circles to examine. 4 large ones on the elevator doors, and 4 small ones on the elevator frame that look like screws. Note that each circle (large or small) is made up of a center circle and a border around it.
-The goal is to tap each of the 4 large circles until each large circle matches the colors of the small circle closest to it. For example, because the small circle in the upper left hand corner is black with a black border, you need to tap the large circle in the upper left hand until both the center and the border are black. (Refer to pic.)
-Exact details:
Upper right hand corner – white center, white border
Lower right hand corner – black center, white border
Upper left hand corner – black center, black border
Lower left hand corner – white center, black border

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