100 Floors - Floor 26Floor 26:
-Tap on each of the 6 batteries to detach them from their slots. You will see that two of the slots are marked as “X1”, another two marked as “X2”, and the remaining two marked as “X3”. When you drag a battery to a slot, a portion of the bar at the top will turn green, to show the amount of power that’s generated. An “X3” slot will generate 3 times the voltage of whichever battery you put there – for example, if you put a 20V battery there you’d be generated 20V x 3 = 60V. Simlarly, an “X2” slot will generated 2 times the voltage, and an “X1” slot will not change the battery’s voltage (1 times whatever equals whatever). The idea is to arrange the batteries in such a way that the bar at the top JUST fills up perfectly, without either going over the limit or not filling up the bar.
-Here’s the combination: a 5V and a 1V in the “X2” slots on the left, a 1V and 20V in the “X3” slots on the door, and a 20V and 5V in the “X1” slots on the right.

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