tetris review

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: EA

Considering how old Tetris is it really is amazing how the game is still just so much fun to play. The game has been re-released countless times over the years and the game play never gets old. One problem I have with Tetris now is that the version that was released a few years back o the Nintendo DS was absolutely perfect. And to me anyone that has been released since then has not been as good. EA are the guys who are trying to make the ultimate Tetris experience on the iOS and I was actually really excited to play this.

On a Retina device this game looks so sharp your eyes will bleed. Sorry for that graphic description, but I am amazed at how good this game looks. After all it is just Tetris, but EA have managed to make this such a high polished game.

Tetris does have the classic Tetris mode where you can simply play and play until you get stuck and ultimately lose your game. This is just as addictive as ever and it plays a very nice game here. Even if you have played Tetris a million times this simply does not get old. And getting that long block to score you a Tetris is just as exciting on your iPad as it was when you were in the back of your dads car playing Tetris on your Game Boy back in the late 80’s.

As well as this there are a couple of modes that have been added specifically for the touch screen. You see you are shown a block and then you are given a few places where you can drop it. You just tap and that is it. It sounds very simple I know, but it does actually work and still keep the spirit of Tetris. The two modes that are designed to make use of this are first of all Galaxy Mode. Galaxy Mode sees you playing with pre set levels and the idea is that you clear the screen using as few blocks as possible. The other mode is One Touch mode and this really is just the same, but you play it in a endless sort of way until you cannot go on anymore.

And sadly this is your lot. While what is here is really fun sadly there is just not enough to make this the perfect version of Tetris for you to download. This is a game that for me really should have had multiplayer. The original Game Boy had a fantastic multi player mode. I see no reason why a online multi player mode could not have been added here. In my experience as a gamer Tetris is one of those games that everyone thinks they are the top dog at. So I am sure the multiplayer scene would have been a great deal of fun.

I think that for under a buck this game is good value. And I do like the touch screen spin that EA has put on Tetris. I just wish there was a few more modes and above all else a multi player mode. Still this is a very solid foundation and I am sure if EA do an update or even a full on sequel that it will be something very special.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store