temple run oz review

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Disney

Temple Run and its sequel Temple Run 2 were absolutely monster hits for Disney. I am sure it is one of those games that pretty much everyone with a smart phone has at the very least tried out. Well Disney have already gave us Temple Run Brave and now they are back with there latest block buster movie Oz The Great And Powerful. And they have decided to give Oz the Temple Run treatment.

As with most Disney games Temple Run Oz looks fantastic. You can clearly tell that the game has been made with the Temple Run 2 engine. There is just something so very cool about running along the yellow brick road. Overall the game is just pure eye candy and they have captured the look of the movie very well. If you loved the new movie then this game is a great buy. I know that my kids really got into this game after seeing the movie. And I will also add that so far this is the only tie in video game for the new movie.

As far as a game play experience goes. This is the same game that you enjoyed if you played Temple Run 2. There are a few little changes here and there, but overall this is pretty much the same game. Which truth be told really is not a bad thing. You still are always running, but this time you are playing as James Franco’s Oz who by the way if you have not seen the movie is fantastic. Anyway you run forward and you will need to swipe to move left and right and of course jump and slide.

There are a couple of changes though. One of them truth be told really is not a game play change, but it is more of a cosmetic one. While you are running you will have the chance to chose what destination you want to run to. You will see a place in the distance and by swiping the right way the scenery will change. I know this is not a huge game play change, but this is still something that I felt was pretty cool. And it did add some replay value to the game as I wanted to actually see what would happen if I went the other way.

The other change here is that they have taken away the mine cart sections that were so well received in Temple Run 2. What we have instead is sections where you are in a hot air balloon. This is a great idea and it ties in very well to the story of the movie, but truth be told its not quite as awesome as riding in the mine cart was. These are still pretty cool and they do actually do a good job of mixing up the game play.

Temple Run Oz is not an essential purchase by any means. But if you have seen the movie then I would say you are bound to get a kick out of this game. But if you think you are getting a true sequel to Temple Run 2 then you will be disappointed. Still though like I said if you have seen and enjoyed the movie then I have no doubt you will get some enjoyment out of this.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store