small city

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Glu Games Inc

Glue Games Inc have already given us the well received game Small Street. Well now they are back with a direct sequel Small City. The aim of the game here is very similar to what Small Street offered before, but now everything is on a much grander scale.

The look of the game is really cute. I think that the best way to describe it is sort of a HD version of the My Sims games that were released on the Nintendo Wii. The characters and the whole city have a great look to them. And I am sure actually the art style is something that will probably keep a lot of people coming back to this game as everything has that cutesy look to it.

The basic idea of the game as I am sure you have guessed is that you need to build a town. You play the role of the mayor and it is up to you to make sure everything is happening as it should be. Your duties include things like making sure there are enough houses for people to live in and building other places like restaurants for example. It is the basic kind of stuff that you would expect from a game like this. But one really fun thing that it does is let you have a decent amount of customisation over the buildings that you build. This makes it so each players city really is there own.

As well as building the city you of course have to take care of the citizens who live in your city. You do this by making sure they are completing there life goals which will make them a jolly and happy member of your new society. Much like the buildings there are some really good customisation options available for making your citizens your own.

The reason the customisation aspect is so important is because you can visit your friends cities to help out and they can in turn help you out as well. You see this is a game that you really do have to play socially through Facebook for example. But as you have such a great control over customisation each town is kind of unique which is pretty cool.

The game is free to play and I will add that it is perfectly possible to play this without spending any money in the in app store, but you will have to put up with fairly long wait times. Although to be fair these wait times are no longer than in any other game. But as a game you can fire up a couple of times a day to check on your town and set citizens of on tasks and other activities this game really is pretty good.

I am sure if you are into the social town building style of game that you will just eat this one up. It is easy enough to play and it looks great. So if this is your style of game then it is certainly worth a download.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store