Sleep cycle alarm clock is developed by Maciek Drejak labs and is a intelligent alarm clock system that analyzes your sleep.

Priced at $1 sleep cycle alarm clock is the smartest and coolest alarm clock out there. Using motion technology the sleep cycle app monitors your sleep and finds your sleeping pattern. After developing that information it wakes you in the lightest sleep phase so you awake almost naturally. Using the iPhone accelerator the app monitors your movement during your sleep. This develops a graph of how often you spent awake tossing and turning vs. deep sleep. It then uses a 30 minute window (which is adjustable) of the time you set to wake you up optimally when your most rested.

The main goal of the app is to make waking up easy, something that is a hard task for many. It’s UI is top notch and provides a really simple interface set your alarms. Additionally the graphs are really detailed and show great amounts of information about your sleep. The alarm itself has over 15 preset melodies that you can select. You can even choose a sleep playlist from your iPod to play while you fall asleep or wake up to. The details that go into the sleep results are really amazing. Adding additional notes is simple, for example you can add if you had coffee that night to see if your sleep was affected in anyway.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Review

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

-Great UI
-Unique Alarm App

-Doesn’t work for everyone

The app requires some preparation before using it. Its advised you plug it into a charger before falling asleep and leaving it on a optimal place to track your sleep. Under your pillow and on the upper corner of your bed is the best spot according to the app. This way its out of harms reach and can track your movement efficiently. Sleep cycle includes a nice way to test the sensitivity of your placement. Upon setting the alarm for sleep the screen nicely fades out so that its not blaring in your face. A nice addition is the shake to snooze feature in case your just not quite ready to wake up.

Overall Sleep Cycle is not your average alarm clock by any means. It not only sets a time for you to wake but takes all the data it tracks over a couple days and finds when your body would most optimally wake up according to when you fall asleep. The window time frame allows you to make sure you still wake up by your set time or possibly a little earlier. From design to the details in your sleep quality the app provides a great experience for first time users. All of this packed into a $1 alarm clock app. Now keep in mind the method doesn’t work for everyone but if your planning an alarm clock app anyway may as well give this a try. Track your sleep and its quality and see how it feels to wake up optimally. Sleep Cycle is available for your iPhone for $1 in the app-store and is definitely worth picking up.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store