rubik's cube app review

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Magmic Inc

Ah the Rubik’s Cube. I had a bunch of these as a kid. I had the normal multi coloured ones, but I also had knock off ones with Star Wars, Spider-Man, WWF and other things as well on them. And I have never once managed to finish one. Even as an adult I have not even come close to beating a Rubik’s Cube. So who knows maybe this game will finally put my Rubik’s Cube demons to rest.

This is a pretty decent looking game. I am sure the developers knew that there really was only so much they could do in terms of the visuals with a Rubik’s Cube game. But what they have done works really well. The game does offer some customisation for example you can have custom backgrounds and even stickers as well. These may not sound like much, but it does add a level of personalisation to the game.

This is the most authentic Rubik’s Cube experience you can get in a game as it was endorsed by the creator himself. Moving the pieces around is very easy to do and I am sure people who are Rubik’s Cube masters will have a great deal of fun with the game. For me though the fact that the game will actually show you how to solve a specific Rubik’s Cube was just awesome as it showed me what kind of well for lack of a better term strategy to use. I am one of those people who would after a few tries get frustrated and just maniacally start moving pieces in a random order hoping somehow to magically solve it. I like the way that this kind of teaches me how to beat a Rubik’s Cube.

One cool thing is that there are different size Rubik’s Cubes for you to play with. So there are smaller easier ones for someone like me. And there are larger more challenging ones for experienced people. It adds quite a bit of replay value to the game actually. As it keeps record of your time so you will want to go back and see if you can beat your time. There is an actual timed mode, but there is also a free play that lets you take as long as you need to try and solve it.

Overall this is a great representation of Rubik’s Cube. I am not really sure what else they could have done with it if I am honest. If you like Rubik’s Cube then for under a buck this is a great little game to have on your iPad.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store