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Logos Quiz (by Atico D) is an Apple ipod, iphone and ipad app, that requires players to look at partial many manufacturer logos and guess the manufacturers’ names. This game comprises of nine levels – 34 logo in the first level and 76 logo in each of the remaining levels in the game. For each 2 responses given accurately, you will get the chance to see one hint from this game. Every brand logo has 3 hints that can be accessed that can give you ideas on the correct responses. I have collected each of the hints for each brand logo in each level, which took almost a week to accomplish, so that I can provide them on this site for everyone’s sake (e.g. if someone types a hint into google wanting to identify the corresponding logo name). Please scroll further down on each answers post if you want to read the hints. Because Logos Quiz is not case sensitive, you may completely ignore the case of each letter when you are inputting the answers. Logos Quiz will also pay no mind to any symbols or punctuations in brand names, therefore you won’t need to enter them either.

I decided to make several posts for each level, with an individual pic for every post, just so you’d be loading just a single screenshot at one time instead of requiring you to wait for many screen shots to load concurrently. Just in case you find these answers helpful in the slightest, please take the time to consider sharing this post in facebook/twitter, or giving this page a google +1. Thank-you for stopping by and enjoy your iphone / ipod / ipad!

Logos Quiz Answers GENERAL MOTORS Logo
Commonly known as GM
Divisions of this group: Buick, Cadillac, GMC, Chevrolet, Opel
Is an American multinational automaker based in Detroit, Michigan
Logos Quiz Answers BANK OF AMERICA Logo
American global financial services company
Has three words. B _ _ K _ _ A _ _ _ _ _ A
Logos Quiz Answers ACER Logo
Computer technology and electronics corporation headquartered in Taiwan
Manufactures desktop and laptop PCs, PDAs, servers…
Has one word. A _ _ R
Logos Quiz Answers EASYJET Logo
Is the second-largest low-cost carrier in Europe, behind Ryanair
Has one word. E _ _ _ _ _ T
Is a British airline headquartered at London Luton Airport
Logos Quiz Answers HYUNDAI Logo
Is a Korean automobile manufacturer
Accent, coupe/tiburon, getz are some products
Was founded by Chung Ju-yung in 1967
Logos Quiz Answers DIADORA Logo
Is an Italian football, tennis, running, shoes and clothing manufacturer
Founded in 1948 in Veneto
Has one word. D _ _ D _ _ _
Logos Quiz Answers ROTRING Logo
German technical writing and drawing instruments company based in Hamburg
Literally means red ring, which is still placed around the barrel of their pens today
Has one word. R _ _ _ _ _ G
Logos Quiz Answers ROWENTA Logo
Home appliances manufacturer
Non-stick cookware, Toasters, Irons and steam generators, Electric kettles
Has one word. R _ _ _ _ _ A
Logos Quiz Answers ING Logo
Has two words. I _ _ D _ _ _ _ T
Internationale Nederlanden Groep
Financial institution offering banking, insurance and asset management services
Logos Quiz Answers MIZUNO Logo
Is a Japanese sports equipment and sportswear company
Was the exclusive supplier for the 2000 Olympic Games held in Sydney
Was founded in Osaka in 1906 by Rihachi Mizuno
Logos Quiz Answers JOHN SMITH Logo
It is sportswear manufacturer
Has two words. J _ _ N S _ _ _ H
Most common name and surname in UK also used for unidentified subjects
Logos Quiz Answers LOGITECH Logo
Develops and markets keyboards, mice, microphones, game controllers and webcams
Global provider of personal peripherals for computers and other platforms
Has 8 letters. L _ _ _ _ _ _ H
Logos Quiz Answers JVC Logo
Best known for introducing Japan’s first tv, and developing the VHS video recorder
Japanese international consumer and professional electronics corporation
Has 3 letters. _ _ C
Logos Quiz Answers ESPN Logo
Has one word. E _ _ N
American cable television network focusing on sports-related programming
Jim Rome is Burning. Around the Horn, Pardon the Interruption, The Beat
Logos Quiz Answers ASICS Logo
Acronym of the latin phrase anima sana in corpore sano
Is a Japanese athletic equipment company
Produces professional footwear designed for football, running, tennis…
Logos Quiz Answers NICKELODEON Logo
Often called Nick and originally named Pinwheel
Called N _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ N, is primarily aimed at children ages 7-17
American cable television network owned by MTV Networks

Level 5: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Find All Logos Quiz Answers here.

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