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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Pyrosphere

Lazors is fun puzzle a game that has actually been around for a few years now, but just recently the game went free to play and was on the receiving end of a great big update. Well going free to play and the update have been a god send for the game because it is really blowing up all over the world right now.

Sometimes I really hate having to describe how a game looks. Not because a game is ugly, but because there really is not much to say. Lazors pretty much is a game that has lasers and some blocks in it that are on a greyish type background. I know as I type this that it sounds terrible, but this is a game where the graphics really do not mater. It is all about the game play so please do not just look at some screen shots and think “man that game sucks” because if you do you really will be missing out.

Lazors is a game where you need guide a laser so that it passes through specifics points on each level. How the heck do I do this? Well that is where the fun of the game is. You see you have these various blocks on each level that you can move. The laser will bounce of the block and depending on what type of block it is will react in a different way.

You have your basic block which will make the laser bounce of at a 90 degree angle. The glass block will make you laser split in two and go in two directions. And there are these dark blocks that just stop your laser by absorbing it. Now you can move these blocks around the grid in order to make sure your laser passes through what it needs to pass through. This can be made even tougher by some blocks that are screwed into place so that you cannot move them.

I know this must sound like it is very easy, but some of the well over 100 puzzles that this game has to offer are absolutely mind bending in there difficulty. But the playing area is actually quite small so on more than one occasion in pure frustration I would just randomly start moving blocks around and BAM solve the puzzle. In a way this is kind of cheating, but it is pretty fun when you solve a puzzle this way. You can use in app purchases to buy hints if you want, but I was able to play the game without spending a penny and like I said solving a puzzle by dumb luck can be fun.

In total the game has 120 different levels. These are then split up into packs of ten. One cool thing is that all the packs are there right from the start, but you have to beat the levels in order. So lets say you are playing the “darkroom” pack you will need to beat the levels in 1-10 order and not however you want. Though this really is not that big of a deal now is it?

Lazors is a really fun game that took me by surprise and considering it is free it is really worth checking out. I cannot actually think of anything negative to say about this game. So get on the app store and download this.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store