Many people complain that their Touch ID doesn’t work properly on their iPhone. Luckily there is a trick that many are using that works to make sure Touch ID operates better. To use this trick, you will want to scan the same finger and store it five times on your iPhone. To do this, make sure the Home button and the finger you are going to use are clean and dry and hold your iPhone as you normally would when touching the Home button. Then, touch the finger you are going to scan to the Home button lightly, but not too much as if you are pressing to click it. Just hold it lightly on the Home Button without clicking for a few seconds, and then you will feel a short vibration and will then be asked to lift your finger.

After you have been asked to lift your finger from the Home button after lightly touching it there, repeat the process with the same finger and make small adjustments each time as to how you place your finger down in order to make sure you are getting every part of your finger scanned. After you have done this several times, you will be asked to adjust the way you are touching your iPhone in order to be able to scan the edges of your fingerprint.

To make sure you get your entire fingerprint scanned, hold your iPhone as you normally would and touch the outer edges of your fingertip to the Home button instead of the center of your finger. After you do this, the fingerprint will be saved. Then, repeat this process up to five times.