arms cartel global review

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Pixel Addicts

To me there is just something so very cool about the word cartel. Really I could not tell you why, but when I hear the word I just have pictures in my mind of movies like Scarface. Really what does this have to do with this game review? Well not a great deal actually, but please read on to find out if this is the MMO for you.

Presentation wise this is a game that actually is quite bland. There are many other games in this genre that look amazing and this one really does not stand out. Well there are other games like this, but none that I know of that have you as the king pin of a drug cartel. But I am talking about the style of the game. Anyway nothing really pops out. You will go to places like Mexico or the middle east, but there is nothing really there that will make you go wow. It is not ugly at all, but it is just so average.

Game play wise this is one of those games that when I read the description I actually got really excited. The idea is that you are a drug kingpin and you need to build a huge world wide drugs operation. The way that you set yourself as the worlds number one drug dealer is by going to all different countries and taking down other drug dealers. To do this you will need to build forts and hire new members into your gang who will be willing to do your bidding. You will need to send your guys out to get weapons and other not so legal deeds. To me this just sounded like it had so much potential to be an absolute blast.

The idea is really cool, but do not expect to actually get to do any of this stuff. You see this is one of those games where you click and wait. It would not have been so bad if you could at least see some action, but instead all you do is sit and wait for the game to decide that the missions is done. So while you can send out the orders to your minions. So if you want to send them out to rob one of your rival organisations you can, but you do not get to see it happen. Now I know that other games do this so it may be a little harsh to single this game for doing what so many other do, but again the potential for this to be so cool is there.

This is a very weird game. You see I really wanted to like this game. I just wanted to actually have a little more control. I think that the idea was very interesting and I do like to get to play as a bad guy every once in a while, but this is a game that would rather tell you about cool stuff rather than actually letting you do it.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store