Akinator the Genie Review
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Akinator the Genie is an amazing app for ios.  When I purchased the app it was $1.99. Well worth the price of admission. The game is like twenty questions.  You think of a real or fictional person and it will try to guess the person.  This app is fairly accurate at guessing the character you’re thinking of.

When I first tried this app I decided to go with one of my favorite Characters Richard B Riddick from the Pitch Black series.  This app guessed it.  I picked Kevin Flynn from Tron. This app guessed it.  I picked Hiro Protagonist from SnowCrash and the app guessed it again.  I showed this app to a coworker and she immediately downloaded it for her son.  The next day she told me her family spent a few hours trying to stomp Akinator.  Her husband thought she and her son were making a big deal about nothing.  So he tried it and was speechless.  He couldn’t understand how this app figured out his character.

Ever once and while Akinator will not get the character.  In this case you can give Akinator a few extra questions to guess the character. Sometimes Akinator gets stomped.  In which case you can tell him who the character is and submit a photo.  This app also has a children protection mode to keep the characters kid friendly.  You can even share your results on Twitter, Facebook, or email.  Unfortunately the Facebook functionality is not working right now.  When I tried to post to Twitter The buttons were in a foreign language.  Hopefully they will fix these issues soon.

The interface is fun, I love how when Akinator is getting question right he floats higher and higher and smiles.  As he gets question wrong he’ll float down and start to get angry.  This game has definitely given me my money’s worth.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store