You Don’t Know Jack Review

Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Jellyvision Games

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

There are a million different trivia games on the iOS right now, but none of them manage to mix a great set of trivia questions with humour quite like You Don’t Know Jack does. You Don’t Know Jack has been teasing peoples brains and making people laugh for ages now. And now that same kind of fun is available right on your iOS device.

It is really quite hard to be to harsh on a game like this when it comes to its visual presentation. As long as you can clearly read the question on screen that is the main focus of a quiz game, but You Don’t Know Jack is no ordinary quiz. Yet despite its completely over the top nature the game is still very easy on the eyes. You would think a game like this would have junk all over the screen, but that is not the case everything is nice, clear and easy to understand.

The way that You Don’t Know Jack works is that it is split up into episodes. Each episode has five questions and do not worry about playing the same episodes over and over again because there are hundreds of different ones. With new ones being added all the time. There are various different styles of questions and you never know what kind of question both in its content of the way it is asked you are going to get. The best part is the games humour. But I guess that could also be the games downfall I am sure for every person who finds this kind of humour amusing there will be another who just finds it stupid. You get to play one new episode every day for free, but you can buy new ones using in game currency or of course by using real money.

Now onto what makes and breaks You Don’t Know Jack. This is no single player game you will be battling wits with people all over the world this is an online quiz game that will put you up against other people. One one hand this is absolutely fantastic. It is so much fun knowing that your are actually beating a real person as opposed to just playing against your self or some AI.

Now to the downside of this you simply must have a Facebook account to play this game. You will play with loads of random people which I am sure sounds great, but it is unnecessarily difficult to just play against your buddies. As you need to be connected to Facebook this means that your iOS device must always be connected to the internet. So if you have a iPad that you have no 3G plan for and just run of your Wi-Fi you can kiss good bye to being able to play this outside your home.

On one hand You Don’t Know Jack is the most fun quiz game I have ever played on any kind of device. I have never laughed this much playing a quiz game before, but the decision to force people to always be connected to Facebook I have to say was a stupid one. Hopefully at some point there will be some kind of update that allows for off line play. I would still recommend this game, but just remember you must have a Facebook account in order to play it. If it was not for the Facebook thing I would advice everyone in the world to download this game!

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store