wreck it ralph review

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Disney

As a life long gamer I think that I was more excited for the release of Wreck It Ralph than my kids. It was like a love letter to gamers of all ages and the movie was fantastic. I knew there would be a video game tie in. But the thing was how would they do it? I mean there was no way that they could use all the video game characters who were in the movie so what would they do? Well there is a god awful Wreck It Ralph game for the Wii and 3DS, but I am pleased to say this one is quite fun.

Wreck It Ralph is actually split up into three different mini games and we are going to look at them all on there own.

Fix It Felix Jr.

This is the best out of the three. Out of all three of the games this one just oozes retro charm. It is clearly supposed to look like a 8-bit video game, and they have achieved this yet the game still looks fantastic. The idea of the game is that Ralph will be destroying a bunch of windows. You playing as Fix It Felix Jr need to repair the broken windows. The controls are very easy you use a joystick to move him and a button to use your hammer to fix the windows. Once you have fixed them all you move higher up the building. Some windows have these I think shutters is what they are called on them and these prevent you from going past them so you will have to go up and around or under and around.

For what is such a simple game it is just so much fun to play. Disney have done a wonderful job in making a new retro game. It has that old school charm that any one growing up with a NES or an Atari will enjoy.

Sugar Rush Sweet Climber

Man my kids were so disappointed with this one. It is not that it is bad, but they both wanted to race as Venellope like she did in the movie. Instead what we have here is you playing as Ralph. The idea is that you will be climbing well actually you will be jumping on candy cane tree branches as you try and collect candy to score points. This is all about the high score and you just need to try and go as high as you can. The visuals are pretty nice and it goes for a much more modern look than what Fix It Felix Jr did. But the game while decent is not as much fun to play. I am not saying this is bad at all. Juts out of the three this one was my least favourite.

Hero’s Duty

The last game we have is Hero’s Duty this was a great part of the movie and it was kind of there take on Halo and Gears of War. So how does this translate into a kids game? Not to bad if I am honest. This is a twin stick shooter which my kids found really hard, but I loved it. One stick moves your character and the other one shoots. You just need to take out wave after wave of enemies. This is a great little twin stick shooter and I would rank it as the second best game of this collection. But I am sure there will be many kids out there who have a tough time with this one.

Overall Wreck It Ralph I must say is a great game for under a buck you are getting 3 solid mini games that will provide you with a great deal of entertainment. Many people are a bit worried when it comes to movie tie in games, but I can honestly say that Disney have done a fantastic job here. My only complaint is that there really should have been some kind of racing game in here as that was a huge part of the movie, but still what is here is great and is well worth the purchase.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store