There are seven iPod Nano generations available. Review this list of descriptions to find out which one you have:

  • The iPod Nano 1st Generation is only available in black and white and has a shiny metal black. It is long and skinny with a small square screen and a click wheel for navigation.
  • The iPod Nano 2nd Generations looks the same as the first except it comes in a variety of different colors and has a metal, brushed surface all the way around.
  • The iPod Nano 3rd Generation is square, has a larger screen than the previous Nano models and has a shiny back and brushed metal front.
  • The iPod Nano 4th Generation is skinny and longer than the 3rd generation. You can tell it apart from the 1st and 2nd generation because it has rounded corners and the screen is rectangle instead of square. It is completely brushed metal all the way around.
  • The iPod 5th Generation looks exactly like the 4th generation except it has a video camera.
  • The iPod 6th Generation is extremely small and has a built in clip on the back to make it easy to carry.
  • The iPod 7th Generation is larger and has a touch 2.5 inch touch screen with a Home button on the bottom.

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