wheres my mickey
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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Developer: Disney

Me and my family absolutely fell in love with the Where’s My Water series of games. I think that it is fair to say me and my family were hooked on this. And then it was made even better by adding Perry from Phineas & Ferb into the mix and now Disney have gone all out and brought there flagship character Mickey Mouse into the gang. I have to be honest and say that this one flew past me and it was only when a commercial came on TV that I knew about this game.
The game has a pretty fun and interesting story in that it is a red hot day and Mickey decides he is going to run a lemonade stand. This is a great idea he gets his stall and his lemons, but the water is just not working. So you need to help Mickey out by getting him some water. This is far closer to the original Where’s My Water than it is Where’s My Perry.

This game is just gorgeous to look at. Especially if you are playing the XL version on the iPad. The game is just crystal clear. Mickey is already such a loveable character, but all his funny animations and speech samples just make him even more adorable. What is pretty cool is that each level you complete is accompanied by a funny animation.

The game offers the same basic game play that Where’s My Water had on offer. You will be needing to use your finger in order to build trenches so that Mickey can collect the water. But Disney have added a couple of little things that make for some fiendish puzzles. There are rain clouds in some of the levels and these let you store water in them. You then hold your finger on them and you can drip water down. As well as this there are now wind currents which can move the rain clouds to different parts of the levels. These start of simple, but they do make for some challenging puzzles especially if you want to get the three stars on each level.

What is really cool is that there is a pretty good variety to the levels. Where the first levels sees Mickey needing water for his lemonade stand there is more to the game than that. For example the second level sees Mickey still needing water, but now he needs it in order to put out a fire. These levels come with a completely different art style and of course animations. So while a great deal of the advertising shows the lemonade stand levels there is far more to the game than just that.

If that was not enough there is even more content to the game. There are extra levels that you can play which will star some of Mickey’s best friends. The first one on offer are some Goofy levels. These levels play pretty much the same way expect now you are responsible for helping out Goofy. From what I understand we can expect more characters to play as in the near future. So who knows by the time you read this you could very well be able to play as Donald, Minnie, Daisy and who knows who else.

Where’s My Mickey may not be a game changer, but this is still a really fun game. I would probably go as far to say that Disney really have perfected the Where’s My Water formula with this game. It is so much fun to play and it just looks amazing. This is a game that is perfect for the whole family and at just a couple of bucks it really is a bargain.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store