If you want to jailbreak your iOS 7 device in order to access apps that aren’t available through iTunes or use your iPhone or iPad differently than what Apple allows, the easiest way to do it is to use the evasi0n tool. The evasi0n tool will work after you make sure that you have updated your iOS 7 device to version 7.0 or 7.0.4. From that point, you will want to download the evasi0n app to your computer while your iOS device is connected. This app is available for both Windows and MAC computers.

Before you jailbreak your iOS 7 iPhone or iPad though, make sure that you back up all your data to iCloud or iTunes so you don’t lose anything important. If you are going to use iTunes to back your data up to, make sure to choose the option to encrypt the backup and write down the password for that. When you encrypt your backup it will load faster and will also alleviate you from having to reenter all of your passwords or sign into every app and email service.

When you have finished backing up your iOS 7 device you will want to disable the passcode to speed up the process and to make sure that there are no issues when you are going through the jailbreak process. When you have done this, you are ready to download the evasi0n tool and install or run it on your computer. You might get a warning stating the app is from an untrusted developer. If you do see that warning, all you have to do is right click on the app’s icon and choose Open for the app to begin to work.

When the evasi0n app starts working all you have to do is follow the instructions, connect your iOS device to your computer, and the click on the jailbreak option. Expect the process to take awhile because there are quite a few required files and bundles that need to be added to your device. An evasi0n app icon will appear during this process and this is something else you should wait until you are prompted before you tap on it or do anything else.

You will notice that your device will reboot several times while the jailbreak process is operating and that is perfectly normal. Once the reboot is finished, you will be prompted to unlock your device and tap on the evasi0n app which will require one more reboot. Then, the entire process will be completed and you will be able to see that Cydia is installed on your iOS 7 so you can begin to customize your new features and download new apps.

If you don’t like how the jailbreak is working for you, or if it didn’t process correctly, you can always restore your iOS 7 device using the backup that you made before you started the process. Remember, a jailbroke device is no longer under warranty, so if there are any issues, you will have to assume full responsibility.