While you might be familiar with creating playlists in iTunes, you can also create on the go playlists directly in your iPod so you can have the perfect collection of music ready to go for whatever occasion you are showing up for. It’s easy to create this playlist and how long it takes will depend on how many songs you want to add and how long it takes you to look up each one. To get started, find the first song that you want to add to your playlist and then hold the center button of your iPod down until the blue bar on the song flashes, then let go of the button.

To continue to add songs to this playlist, just keep scrolling through and repeat the process you took to add the first song. You can also add entire albums to your playlist instead of just songs by going to the album title and holding the center button down on that until the blue bar flashes. When you have added all the music you want to your playlist, you can go to your iPod menu and choose Playlists, from that point scroll to the bottom of the list of the “On the Go” playlist and enter that. You will see all the songs you added. Make sure choose “Save Playlist”. This playlist will sync with iTunes the next time you sync your iPod. When the playlist is fully synced to iTunes you can edit the playlist or re-arrange the order of the songs and then update your iPod with any changes you make. You will also be able to remove this playlist from your iPod in iTunes if you no longer want to save it.

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