If you love reading, you might want to have more than one reading app because sometimes you can save money on your favorite books by downloading them from different places. Here are the best ones:

The Kindle app works with your Amazon account and there is a free reader app that you can download on any smartphone or laptop so you can read your books on the go.

iBooks is the reader that is the default for your iPhone and you can buy books directly through the app. It doesn’t support as many files types as Kindle, so you are limited in what type of eBooks you can download.

If you have a Barnes & Nobles account, then NookNook is the eBook app you will want to download. You will start with five or six free eBooks and then be able to make purchases. This app also only supports a limited amount of formats.

The Nook app is an eBook app by Barnes & Noble. You must have a Barnes & Noble account to use the app. Every user automatically gets five or six free ebooks when they sign in. The books are classics such as: Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, Dracula, etc.

The Google Play Books app is very close to the Nook app although you buy books through Google play.