The most popular types of strategy games for iPad include real time strategy games, classic tower defense and turn based strategy games that require you brain to stay active. Because of the iPad’s design, these types of games of not only fun to play but responsive and loaded with options.

The Army of Darkness Defense is the next segment to Army of Darkness and continues on past the point that the main character, Ash, unleashes an army of undead soldiers to attack the castle. This game includes lots of quotes from the movie has RPG elements which make it an exciting game for the iPad.

Civilization Revolution HD is one of the tried and true games for the iPad and other internet capable devices. It originally came out for the PC in 1991 and is a favorite for serious gamers and those just like to use their mind when they are playing games.

Sentinel 3: Homeworld HD is a tower defense game that allows you to customize your commander mech. In this game out of the series you need to use a map to plan your tactics.

Hero Academy makes turn based strategy games faster to play because it is divided up. Some say it’s similar to a chess game, but with rocket launchers.

TowerMadness HD is considered to be one of the best defense games on iPad. It’s pretty much all about saving your flock of sheep from aliens. It’s great for beginners because of the comprehensive tutorial that is included.

Modern Conflict HD is a real time strategy game that was originally created for PCs. For the iPad it has a one touch control theme that makes it quick and easy to place tanks and helicopters where you need them.

The Walking Dead: Assault was voted as one of the best strategy games for 2012 and is based on the AMC television series.

iBomber Defense is a tower strategy game that uses World War II for a setting. It has 22 levels to maneuver through.

Tower Defense: Lost Earth is another tower strategy game that is considered to be a favorite for new gamers and more serious gamers alike.

Battleheart has RPG and real time strategy and is played out in a series of battles where you can recruit more knights to help you win against your enemies.

Sid Meier’s Pirates is a classic game that has been updated for iPad with improved graphics and a larger variety of playing options.

The Great Little War Game plays like a real time strategy game, but is actually a turn based game where you can take your time to develop your winning strategies.

Legendary Wars has real time strategy elements and while the graphics are considered “cute” there are deeper levels of strategy to this game than what it initially comes across as having.

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave combines role playing with strategy so you can have plenty of action and time to map out your defenses.

Crimson: Steam Pirates is another strategy game for your iPad that combines the planning phase and then allows you to sit back to see how your planning plays out in the real time action.

Medieval HD is a classic castle defense strategy game that you work hard to build up your troops and to have the best arrows to fire at your enemies with.