If you love a good prank to pull on your friends, you will definitely want to collect some of the best prank apps for your iPhone to play on your friends, coworkers, family members, or just for your own enjoyment. You can pick and choose through these popular apps so you can download the prank apps that will be the most hilarious for you to pull on unsuspecting friends and family members.

The Top 20 Pranks from Howcast can be downloaded to your iPhone for the cost of $0.99. This app gives you step by step instructions on how to pull of some of the most hilarious and ingenious pranks that have ever been invented. The pranks are categorized such as pranks you can pull at the office.

The April Fool Pranks iPhone app is free to download and it helps you keep April fool’s day alive all year long. These are quick pranks that you don’t have to do a lot of preparation work for and not as high risk as some of the other prank apps could be.

The Hidden camera pranks app is another one that is free to download to your iPhone. This app contains a large collection of videos of hidden camera pranks that have been played on others. You can gain inspiration for your own pranks, or just laugh at other’s expense and share the videos with your friends when you want to enjoy a hearty chuckle with them.

The Prank* iPhone app is free to download and emits an annoyingly high frequency sound that you can toggle on and off whenever you want to watch people search frantically for where the sound is coming from. You can set it at different intervals so no one knows you are the one controlling the noise. You can also customize the sounds through in-app purchases.

The Bee Swatter Prank Game is another free app that you can download to your iPhone when you feel like having some fun. This is a game where you swat at flying bees until you reach the Queen Bee. When you reach the queen, you must hit her fast and hard and when this happens, the games goes crazy and makes it look as if you shattered your iPhone screen to fool your friends with.

The Prank Mirror app is free for your iPhone and this app simulates carnival funhouse mirrors and you can shake your iPhone to create distort your likeness in different shapes and patterns to shock your friends with.

The Atomic Fart FREE app is obviously free to download to your iPhone and as you can imagine, this app makes all sorts of fart noises. You can time the farts, play a fart memory game or even create a remote fart detonator.

The Fake Call “Universal Edition” Lite iPhone app is free to download and allows you to schedule calls to yourself. You can make these calls look like they are coming from different people with different photos and backgrounds, such as having a celebrity calling you.

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