If you have a new iPod Touch and want to buy the best accessories, the first thing you should do is consider how you use your iPod Touch the most and what you feel would be best for you. Then pick and choose through some of the top rated accessories.

Accessories to Protect Your iPod Touch

If protecting your iPod Touch from damage, dirt and water is important to you, the Lifeproof Case is one of the best. It can make your iPod Touch safe even if you go swimming with it as long as you don’t submerge to depths more than 6.6 feet. If you don’t have a Lifeproof Case for your iPod Touch and it gets wet, the best way to dry it out is with Bheestie Bags. These are little balls that contain molecular beads that draw moisture out of your iPod Touch and claims to be 700% better than using rice. Another accessory that will help protect your iPod Touch is a screen protector. One of the best is the Zagg screen protector because they are strong and durable and have a lifetime warranty.

Headphones for your iPod Touch

Headphones are an almost required iPod Touch accessory. The highest rated are the Phiaton PS-210 because they also have Bluetooth features. The Monster Miles Davis Tribute Edition ear buds are also a favorite because of their sound. They have red and blue signifiers so you know which ear bud goes in the left ear and which one goes in the right ear. The Shure E3G headphones are a good choice if you value sound and don’t mind if they aren’t as comfortable as other types of ear buds. Then the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23 are great because they offer premium sound at a lower price than the others.

If you get frustrated about tangled headphones, the AppleCore headphone organizer is a perfect choice that will keep your headphone or ear bud wires from getting all twisted up.

Docks for your iPod Touch

Finding the best speaker dock is easy when you know which ones are considered to be the best quality. The Samsung DA E-750 dock is one of those. It is very expensive but is one of the most attractive and best performing dock on the market. The EcoTerra waterproof boombox dock is a great choice for those who need something more durable. This dock even floats in water. The Elevation Dock is made from a solid piece of aluminum which makes it very heavy, but is great for docking your iPod Touch even if it has a bulky case on it.

Exercise Accessories for your iPod Touch

If you enjoy working out the Nike+ iPod Sensor is one of the most popular accessories available. It fits into special Nike running shoes and collects information including how many steps you take, how far you’ve ran and how many calories you have burned. Valencell Performtek are actually headphones, but they measure your heart rate, metabolic rate, respiration rate, how many calories you’ve burned, how much energy you’ve expended, how fast you are going, how many steps you have taken, your ventilatory threshold, and recovery time.

There are a variety of other accessories that you might be interested in for your iPod Touch. For instance, games love Mujjo capacitive gloves so they can still play games even when it’s cold. They work great for texting also. Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose what the best iPod Touch accessory is for you.

Source Digital Trends