Whether you love to shop, or just want to find the best prices and products – there is an iPhone shopping app for that! Here are some of the most popular to choose from:

The Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper app allows you to quickly look up information on products you are considering purchasing so you can compare products or see if the product has the best ratings.

The Find app for iPhone will allow you to quickly find out where products you are interested in purchasing are available in your area.

The Amazon Mobile app makes shopping at Amazon.com easier than ever. It will also allow you to take a picture of a product you are interested in purchasing and will find it on Amazon for you to see if you will save money by ordering it online.

The SnapTell app allows you to take pictures of any book, CD, video game or DVD and then will pull up reviews, prices and nearby stores so you can comparison shop while you are on the go.

The Groupon app helps you save money by giving you discounts on a variety of items. There are currently only 70 cities that you can use this app in, but it is slowly expanding and should be in more cities soon.

The RedLaser app is a barcode scanner that will help you find ratings, reviews and comparison prices on products by scanning the barcode.

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The Coupon Sherpa app helps you collect coupons and find savings on a lot of the products you buy most often.

The GoodGuide app will help you find products that are good for the environment and healthy for you to purchase. You can look products up to see how they score or use it to find healthier choices on the products you are interested in purchasing.