Those of you who love to draw, sketch and design will want to make sure you have the best apps on your iPhone so you can always create whenever and wherever the inspiration strikes. Here are some of the best apps to consider for your iPhone or your other iOS device.

Iconical costs $1.99 and is available at the Apple App store. This app allows you to create your own app icons so you can create an amazing work of art for your Maps, Mail, Safari and other app icons.

PicLab HD also costs $1.99 and allows you to create a variety of images with tools such as a retro filter and aphorism layering. You can use your own images or choose from the photo library.

Evernote is a free app and while it’s not actually an artist’s app, it does allow you to save things you find out on the internet for when you need that extra boost of inspiration.

3DMark is another free app that you can use as a benchmarking tool that you can use to create mock ups of 3D action games.

Photochop is $0.99 and you can pick any of your images, chop them up into tiles and edit them however you see fit.

The Over app is $1.99 and is a favorite with Instagram fans because it lets you add typography over your images before you share them.

The Kuler app is a free app from Adobe that is thought of as the best app for choosing color schemes. You can create swatches, edit them, save and send them to other Adobe tools. You can also extract colors from images you find out on the World Wide Web. It has a color wheel, preset color modes and RGB sliders.

Another free app from Adobe is Adobe Ideas. This app is a companion to Illustrator and allows you to draw more accurately, share designs on your social media networks, and will sync with Creative Cloud if you are registered there.

The Path On app costs $1.99 and helps you create funky text onto your images by drawing paths on them and add words. You can adjust the font, size and letter space until you create the perfect text for your image.

Repix is a free app that you can use to paint filter effects onto images. Where many photo editing apps and software require you to apply filters to entire images, Repix allows you to choose what part of an image you want the filter applied to. There are nine brushes you can choose from along with effects such as Posterize and Charcoal.

Blux Camera Pro costs $2.99 and this app helps you take the best images by recommending what mode you should take them in. For example, it will tell you what mode to shoot a great image if it is sunny or cloudy outside.

Marksta is a watermark app that costs $1.99. If you are worried about people stealing your images, you can use this app to add logo images on the photos and include copyright information.

Drawnimal is a great app for the kids and costs $1.99. It works as a drawing app and also teaches your children the alphabet by showing them main features of animals.

Sketchbook Pro costs $1.99 and comes with digital pencils, pens, markers, and airbrushes. There are layers you can use, transparency options, annotations and advanced blend modes with Dropbox integration.

The Design Duet app is $1.99 and lets you edit Photoshop by connecting to the Photoshop remote connections to create a live second screen. The changes you make will automatically be applied to your designs.