If you are looking for the coolest accessories to buy for your iPhone of for a gift for another iPhone user, take some time to think of how the iPhones are used most often. Choosing accessories that will complement the way you or your friend use your iPhone will make it the coolest for you or for you to give as a gift. Here is a list of some of the most popular accessories that other iPhone users are choosing:

Best iPhone Accessories

Audiophiles will love the SoundDock Series III Digital Music System Price by Bose. Not only does it have the best sound available, it has a wireless remote that will turn it on and off, set the volume and will allow you to navigate your playlist.

If you or your friend carry your iPhone in your purse or book bag, the iPhone 5S Screen Protector is about the best screen protector available because it makes iPhone screens completely scratch resistant while also allowing the display to look great.

A DRACO 5 Aluminum Bumper case is perfect for those who have a tendency to drop their iPhone. It’s made of aircraft grade aluminum and protects iPhone from being dropped. You shouldn’t try to drop it on purpose however.

Commuters love the ULTIMA Car Mount because it is so easy to stick to the windshield or dashboard of any vehicle. It has 360-degree rotation for convenience which is a feature many car mounts don’t offer.

Drivers also prefer the Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset for hands free calling because it has “NoiseAssasin” which blocks noises to make calls sound better. It also has a voice called ID so there is no need to take eyes off the road to see who is calling.

If you get frustrated with how often you have to charge your iPhone, a Mophie Powerstation Duo Price: charges your iPhone super fast and it has two ports so you can charge any of your other Apple devices at the same time.

The Vapor Dock offers an attractive alternative to just laying your iPhone on your desk or countertop and it does duty of charging and syncing too.

The best earphones for an iPhone to be able to enjoy your music or watch videos without disturbing others are the Denon AH-C400 Music Maniac. They have studio quality sound and are comfortable to wear for a long time.