Whether it’s your daily commute or traveling around the world, having iPhone accessories that will make your life easier and more exciting is always a great investment. Here are some of the most popular items to choose for yourself or for a gift for the traveling iPhone user in your life.

One of the most used accessory for the iPhone for travelers or anyone else is a case. The Otter Box case for an iPhone is great for travelers or just other busy people because it takes a lot of cares away from dropping your iPhone in water or having it break from a fall because it’s waterproof and shockproof. While some don’t like how it makes their iPhone more cumbersome to carry, those who travel under rugged conditions don’t mind the additional thickness.

Another way to carry your iPhone is in a wallet that has a built in case and the Terrapin iPhone 5 Wallet is a great choice. It’s made of premium grade leather and carries your iPhone in a way that still allows you to access your phone ports and camera lens.

For daily commuters, truckers, delivery persons, or others who are driving a lot, having a car mount for their iPhone makes it more convenient to view turn by turn navigation. The iOttie is a popular choice because it conveniently sticks to any windshield. Another great pick for drivers is the DLO trans dock micro so you can listen to your iPhone through your car via a cassette adapter or FM transmitter.

Car and truck owners will also be amazed with the Automatic Smart Driving Assistant. This iPhone accessory for travelers will run car diagnostics to let you know why your engine light turned on along with a variety of activities such as notifying emergency services in the event of a crash. It will also remember where your car is parked just in case you forget.

The PocketFinder GPS Locator works whether you are in a car or on foot and allows other people to know where you are at all times as long as you have your iPhone with you.

To save from always having to find an outlet to charge your iPhone when you are on the go, the Mophie Juice Pack Air will double the life of your charge so you can use your iPhone more often without having to charge it so much. The Trent PowerPak+ NT135T is another popular choice to be able to your iPhone charged on the go. This iPhone accessory will recharge your iPhone up to six times.