Staying up to date with the latest news that is important to you is easy when you have one of the best iPad news apps. The best app for your use will depend on the type of news you find most valuable. Here are a few to consider:

USA Today is one of the most famous news outlets of all time and the USA Today app creates an amazingly accurate version of the hard copy newspaper. It contains all the same main stories, sports scores, and all the other sections of a newspaper that have made this news outlet so popular.

If you love sports, then Sports Tap is an app you will love to have on your iPad because it offers the most up to date news in the world of sports including the latest news, and even play by play updates while games are in progress. It is not the best looking app, but most people don’t mind that at all when they can enjoy some of the best news about their favorite teams.

If you love music, then the MTV News app is a great choice to download onto your iPad. You will be able to keep on the pulse of what’s going on in music and other entertainment news as well. The page shows up as pictures and you can just tap on the pictures to choose which stories you want to read.

Flipboard for iPad is not so much a news outlet app; it also delivers news to you by creating digital pages into a magazine from your social media networks. This way you can peruse what is going on at Twitter and Facebook all in one, attractive space.

Livestand from Yahoo! is an iPad reader that the whole family can enjoy because each subscription offers multiple user accounts. This means you can each personalize your Livestand pages with your own subscriptions to whatever content you want to read the most and won’t have to sift through other family members subscriptions.

Another reader app for your iPad is Fluent News and this reader allows you to choose which news you want the most from multiple sources and puts it all together for you. You can also use this reader when you are offline after downloading the daily news, so you don’t have to worry about having a Wi-Fi connection in order to read your news.

The Pulse News iPad app has been around for quite some time and is one of the favorite ways for news enthusiasts to collect all their news sources into one space. You can add any website that has an RSS feed. There is also a variety of ways you can customize this app to personalize it specifically for how you want to stay informed.

Editions for iPad is from AOL and uses your search queries to decide what type of news o offer to you. This can be a great way to learn about new sources for getting your favorite news.