Whether you are a professional writer, or just enjoy writing as a pastime, there are plenty of apps that will help you. Here are some of the best:

The Chambers Dictionary & Thesaurus app is $4.99 and makes sure you are never at a loss for words. It has more than 260,000 definitions, 420,000 synonyms and is organized under 18,000 key words to make sure you are never at a loss for the right words for your writing projects.

A Novel Idea is a free app that breaks down the writing process into smaller pieces so writing an entire book isn’t as hard to do. It allows you to plot your book and create a stronger conclusion.

The Contour app is $7.99 and while it is actually a professional film plotting tool, it is ideal for creating characters for fiction that will help you write a story that will include all the most important elements.

The Novel in 30 app is $4.99 and is a quick editor for writers who need to proof their work in a hurry. It will also tell you how many words a day you need to create in order to reach a deadline amount of words.

The Byword app is $2.99 and is a text editor app that shows word counts and removes distractions to help you stay more focused while you write.

The Index Card app is $4.99 and is built to help plan complex storylines. It allows you to sketch out different scenes on separate electronic index cards and then order and re-order them to create the perfect storyline.

The Kobo app is free and is a book app similar to iBookstore. What sets it apart is you get rewards for reading more.

The MindNode app is $9.99 and helps you plot even the most intricate plots. It has mindmaps, lists and bullets to help you get your thoughts focused and easier to get into a readable story.

The Lists for Writers for writers app is $1.99 and allows you to create multiple lists of words, settings, plot points, personalities and characters in a way that can help you break through writer’s block and keep writing.

The Writing App is $2.99 and with this app you can plan and write all in one app so you can stay more organized and focused.