Reading comics will never go out of style, and reading them on your iPad makes them convenient and cheaper than picking them up at a newsstand or comic book store. Here are some comic books apps you might want to check out to keep up to date on your favorite comics:

The Dark Horse Comics App allows you to buy one comic at a time, each of these are typically around $1.99, or you can buy bundles of comics set at different prices. There are also older collections of comics that are no longer published which can be purchased for about $5.99.

ComiXology offers over 150 free comics including comics from a variety of publishers such as Marvel, Image, Red 5, Asylum Press, and DC Comics to name a few. The biggest complaint about this app is that it is slow. If you don’t mind the speed of the app though, you can get a lot of free comics.

The DC Comics App is a free app that, of course, features DC comics which is some of the most famous and popular comics in the world such as Superman and Batman.

Speaking of some of the most famous and popular comics in the world, Marvel comics also has a free app that includes comics such as X-Men and Spiderman. Most of the collection is the classics, with not many of them published after 2008. For die hard Marvel comics fans though, this is a must have app.

The IDW Comics App is a free app for your iPad or other iOS device that only includes comics published by IDW. These are famous and popular in their rights though with comics such as the Transformers and G.I. Joe.

The Panelfly Comics App includes comics from the top publishers such as Marvel, Dark Horse, Icon, and Bluewater Productions so you can pick and choose through your favorites of each. This app is known to crash more than the others, when it’s running though, it offers one of the most realistic comic book reading experiences available for your iPad.