If you just bought a new iPad and want to add apps, the best ones are the ones that will help you work and play the way you want to. Here is a list of the most popular apps that you might want to consider.

It is no surprise that some of the most popular apps are for the most popular social media sites. That includes Facebook,Skype, Tumblr, and Twitter. If you use any of those social media sites, then you will definitely want to download those appss.

If you love taking photos, PhotoSynth  is a popular app to create panoramic photos. Photoshop Express  is another top choice for editing images.

If working out and staying in shape is an interest of yours, you will find the popular RunKeeper app is perfect for tracking your cycling and jobbing routes, calaories burned and other important information to help you get in great shape.

Pulse is the most popular app for those who subscribe to RSS feeds because it offers great images and a more attractive way to keep up with your favorite feeds.

Dropbox is the preferred choice for iPad uses that want to have all their important files handy on their iPad and their PC.

If you like to get out and about, then there are a few popular iPad apps that you will enjoy having. The Movies by Flixter  app will tell you where to catch the latest flicks, including show times and directions. The Around Me app will tell you where all the local banks, bars, gas stations and other businesses are located.

If you need reference resources for your iPad, the top apps are Wikipanion for looking up a variety of interesting topics, the free, offline dictionary and thesaurus from dictionary.com to look up words, and the PCalc Lite app because it offers more features for calculating than any other app if you choose from the variety of in-app purchases. The XE Currency  is also an excellent resource app for those who travel to other countries and need to look up the currency exchange. Speaking of traveling, the Google Earth app will let you look up anyplace in the world.

If you enjoy reading and want to have your collection of books available on your iPad, Amazon’s Kindle app and the iBooks  app is the most popular. The iBooks app allows you to view .pdf and other formats that Kindle doesn’t allow.

Finally, if you find great apps that you want to share with your friends for their iPads, or they have apps you want, the Bump app is extremely popular to quickly share apps and other data.

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