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Level 501 Answer:
Riddle: I am just two and two. I am hot. I am cold. I am the parent of numbers that cannot be told. I am a gift beyond measure, a matter of course. I am given with pleasure when taken by force.
Hint: Love gesture

Level 502 Answer:
Riddle: I have thirteen hearts but no body or soul.
Hint: Deal me

Level 503 Answer:
Riddle: When I come in, from sea to shore, twenty paces you’ll see, No less, no more.
Hint: Early morning
Ans: FOG

Level 504 Answer:
Riddle: I’m the source of all emotion, but I’m caged in a white prison.
Hint: Body part

Level 505 Answer:
Riddle: Break me and I am better, immediately set and harder to be broken again.
Hint: Guinness

Level 506 Answer:
Riddle: A dragons tooth in a mortals hand, I kill, I maim, I divide the land.
Hint: Weapon

Level 507 Answer:
Riddle: I am slim and tall, many find me desirable and appealing, they touch me and I give a false good feeling, once I shine in splendor, but only once and then no more, for many I am “to die for”.
Hint: Bad for health

Level 508 Answer:
Riddle: I am in the middle of water but am not an island.
Hint: A letter
Ans: T

Level 509 Answer:
Riddle: You use me between your head and your toes, the more I work the thinner I grow.
Hint: Use me to clean

Level 510 Answer:
Riddle: I am the kind of soda you must not drink.
Hint: For cooking

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See All Answers to the What Am I Game:
What Am I Answers / Solutions / Cheats

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