Wake N Shake Alarm Clock Review

-Clean UI

-Complete Gesture based controls

-Unique Shake feature

-Social System


-May not be for everyone

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Wake n Shake takes a different approach to your mornings. Shaking your iPhone to fill a meter in order to assure your awake may sound odd for some people. However, Wake n Shakes unique approach really does work and settles well with heavy sleepers. Rather than shutting off your alarm easily and falling back asleep this app forces you to silence it and assures that you are conscious.

Design wise, the app has a great simple feel to it and uses gesture based swipes to access everything. Swiping up, down, left and right gives you access to setting the alarms and social systems. Setting the alarm is dead simple and you can even set your own sleep playlist to pass out to.

Another great feature to the app is the social system. Sign in through facebook and add friends who use the app in order to compete with them. See who has the best statistics in terms of waking up or has the most shake points. Ladders show weekly stats of who wakes up on time and gains the most points for shaking their iPhone. A really great competitive approach to waking up in the morning . It simply makes waking up fun.

In my testings however there were issues where I had the alarm not being able to shut off. Whether it was due to me not shaking hard enough or a random bug here and there, the app can easily be closed out of using the iOS multitasker. This alarm app goes above and beyond the call for waking someone up, but maybe thats exactly what you need.

Overall, it is a great approach to the alarm utility and introduces a shake feature that really requires a user to be awake and coherent to shut the alarm off. At its $2 price point its a great alternative to the stock app but may not be for everyone.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store