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If you want to learn to play guitar or how to play a few songs you might want to check out Guitar Tabs for ios. This app has over 400,000 entries for songs and is updated daily.

Once you select your song you can set the application to auto scroll through the tabs. You can adjust the scroll speed. If you want to learn the song in a different chord you can even adjust it plus or minus eleven semitones. You also have access to multiple types of chords for guitar, bass and drums, etc.

If you can read chords you can just play the songs. If you’re not sure how a chord is suppose to be played you can look it up and see what the finger positions are suppose to be. If you have a copy of the song in your iTunes library you can play the song and also follow the chords. There is also an add-on for $3.99 that would help you tune your guitar.

The reviews for this app are mixed. A few people love it. Others complain that they feel like they are nickeled and dimed to buy the extra add-ons to the app to make it function like they would like it to. The closest I’ve come to playing a real guitar is Rockband and Guitar Hero, but I do feel that this app could help me make the leap to playing a real guitar. For $2.99 I feel there should be more functionality. I can understand why some users are upset about the nickel and diming to gain the features they want. After twenty-five revisions you would think the developer would listen to their users. When most of the in app purchases cost more then the app itself there is pricing issue. Either make the app a little more expensive and give more features or make the add-ons a lot cheaper.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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