trigger fistFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Lake Effect Applications

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

I am not saying that there are no good 3rd person shooters on the iOS, but for me there really has not been one that has had the whole package yet. Sure there are some that look fantastic and give console games a run for their money. And there are some that are fun to play, but I have not played one yet that has really wowed me. So I went into Trigger Fist really hopeful, but a little unsure.

Trigger Fist when you are playing the game is very nice looking. The levels of which there are six have a nice clean look to them. In many ways it reminds me of a early Xbox 360 game in the way that everything seems so shiny. The animation of the soldiers is also pretty darn good as well. Sadly though there is zero in terms of presentation out of the actual game. I know that sounds very confusing, but what I am talking about is there is no great menu music, no story line, no cut scenes to move things along. There is nothing outside of playing the actual game. To me this felt very odd indeed and I would have welcomed a brief picture with some text.

The reason for this bare bones presentation is because there really is no single player campaign. Trigger Fist is a game that is all about the action in multi player. In some ways when I played this I felt like I was back in college playing the original SOCOM game on the Playstation 2.

This is a game that is all about combat. And at the start you will have a choice of what kind of character you want to play as. There may only be three Gunner, Scout, and Rifleman, but they all felt very different to me so depending on who you played as would alter the way you would go about taking down your enemies.

The control here felt very solid. You move your guy around by way of an on screen joystick and attack with various on screen icons. You move the camera by swiping left or right. And to duck you need to swipe down. Ducking was the only issue with the controls I had. Sometimes when I needed to quickly move the camera to the left or right the game would read it as me swiping down. To be fair this was only during my first few sessions and after a while I never had it happen.

The game play here is just so fast and frantic that you never have a moments rest. The game allows for up to 8 players and even when there was 8 people playing I never once had any kind of slow down issue. A great job has been done here in making an online multi player game that actually works. The game modes are all the usual stuff you would come to expect and there is nothing really new here.

The spawn points I can see being a issue for some people on more than one occasion I would spawn somewhere on the map and have someone right behind me to blast me in the back. This is frustrating, but when the roles are reversed it is pretty funny.

In all this is a wonderfully crafter 3rd person shooter. Just remember this is all about the multi player and if you go into this wanting a single player experience then you will be disappointed. But for those of you looking for a fun 3rd person online shooter then this is one of the best I have played so far.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store