Tin Man Can Review

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Tin Man Can is another title from Chillingo Ltd that currently is free.

You play a tin man can from another planet soaring through each level collecting gems and batteries trying to reach the end of the level while achieving all the needed batteries. The tin man can named tic has a limited fuel supply and you have to use it sparingly to get through each level choosing when to hover and overcome multiple obstacles. Controls are really basic, you automatically run through the level and you can tap and hold to hover and let go to descend keep in mind your hovering is limited by your fuel. At its core its a one tap game. The design of the game has a different sort of cartoon art to it which gives a sense of a outer galactic world. On top of that are some great visuals along with a six-song soundtrack.

Theres over 60 levels for you to go across and play through, additionally you can even play against friends in a head to head multiplayer race. This adds on to the game play of tin man can. Not to mention its a universal app available for iPhone, iPod and even iPad. Each level has a different art style to it and integrates new obstacles. Some have major gaps while others have flat run ways with lasers etc to block your path. The game challenges you in the sense that you have to conserve your energy and use it efficiently to get to the best path for more points and to ultimately survive.

-Fun Art style
-Super simple controls

-Nothing to unique compared to other side scrolling games

Customizability is another cool feature to the game. You can pimp out your tin can man in the “pimp my can” section of the app. Adding new designs and wheels to your character to add a sense of customization to the game. The single player mode in itself is worth picking up the game and trying it out however the multiplayer make it go that extra mile. Its nothing completely revolutionary in its market, there are tons of side scrolling titles out there. This one is free and you have nothing to really lose in downloading it. There are in-app purchases which give you features to more hovatrons to add on to your tin can. You can even unlock all levels early with a $1 purchase if your to lazy to beat all the levels. At its free price point there’s not much to complain about, you can find it in the app-store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store