Time Surfer Review


– Time rewind feature is a great addition

-Great fun/minimal graphics


– Not the first in its market definitely others out there

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

The game has you riding through hills in some space galaxy trying to go faster to clear jumps and collect points. Controls are basic, tap right to dive down and tap on the bottom left to rewind time when needed. Your objective is to surf on as far as possible while maintaining your momentum. This game basis its gameplay off many other titles like Tinywings. The main issue in games like these, are the simple fact that they become boring if a big twist isn’t throw into the genre.

Time surfer is certainly not the first in this space but does offer a number of power-ups and features to make it stand out. The time rewind meter allows you to rewind your gameplay to save yourself from falling and other mishaps. It is a fun retro-based user interface with a techno based soundtrack. Additionally, the game offers a power up system to add upgrades to your character, which allow for speed boosts, protective shields, and even more. Other levels are also included to mix up the gameplay if you ever get bored.

Time Surfer may not be the first out of the genre but is certainly one of the best. If you haven’t play these types of momentum based games before, Time Surfer is a great buy. However, if you own one already then you can save yourself a dollar and try out some other apps in the market.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store