The Room Review
Pros & Cons:

Pros: Great 3D Graphics, Truly Challenging Puzzles

Cons: While being a free app, it requires you to pay $2 to access higher levels.  Buggy controls at times.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

The room is simply one of the best thriller/mystery puzzle games out there in the app store right now. You follow a mystery storyline as you progress through puzzle-like boxes examining each clue closely in order to open new compartments that further your story.

You begin in a tutorial learning how to explore the boxes, and you’re asked to pay an additional $2 for the full levels. The full experience is definitely worth the money if you like puzzles that truly challeng the mind. Patience is the key as you are presented with great 3D-based graphic models of ancient boxes with locks all over and hidden doors that need certain items to open.

Controls consist of gestures and tapping around the object to examine certain clues that may gain you access. Tools that help you to gather clues more easily are at your disposal, such as a magnify glass / eyepiece that shows you certain hidden objects. The room has a mysterious / thriller feel to it.  Overall the game requires you to make use of everything that’s at your disposal to solve each level.

Clues are also available through the game to help you along the way in case you get lost and or just stuck on how to open a certain compartment. You may find yourself losing track of time while playing this game, while you easily spend hours trying to solve certain items.

Overall, the game is currently one of the very best puzzle-based game in the app-store. You’ll see stunning 3D graphics with great mechanisms involved in each level of the game. With so many small clues packed into each box, you’ll kick yourself for not having seen them the first time around. If you’re a fan of the puzzle-based genre at all then this is a must buy.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store