The Photo Cookbook Vegetarian Review

The Photo Cookbook – Vegetarian is a visual cookbook for vegetarians with detailed photos of the recipes and how they turn out.  The price of this app at the time of review is $3.99.

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This app is very beautiful.  The interface is easy to work with.  You are given categories and a list of dishes with pictures of the finished product.  When you select a dish you are given the ingredient list and shown what the ingredients should look like.   You can even get more information about specific ingredients.

These details include a picture, the name, the importance of the item in the dish, the latin for ingredient, uses, and multiple language designations.  This part of the app is extremely useful if you’re unfamiliar with an ingredient.  Each step has an accompanying photo.  This cookbook app is perfect for anybody who is just starting to cook vegetarian meals.  The last photo is of the recipe is always the finished product and how it should look.

I can’t find any faults with this app.  It is well done, responsive and very nice to look at.  I’m not a vegetarian, but this cookbook app makes these dishes look appetizing.

This app is definitely worth the $3.99.  Unlike other cooking apps and websites I’ve seen this actually shows you what the dish should look like when you’re done, as well as what the dish looks like in various steps along the way.  I would be very interested in seeing this become a trend for future cooking websites and apps.

In conclusion this app is worth the download at $3.99.  It’s the perfect app for people learning to cook vegetarian dishes because you see what the ingredients and the finish product should look like.  I hope the author of this app branches out and does more cookbooks.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

The Photo Cookbook - Vegetarian ReviewThe Photo Cookbook Vegetarian Review