Night Sky
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I’ve always been obsessed with space. I never got into star gazing because it required a telescope, but thanks to ios and iCandi Apps I can look at the constellations in the sky night or day with the app Night Sky. This app uses your GPS location, accelerometer as well as your magnetic compass.

This app is best used outside away from magnetic interference. When you take your ios device and point it towards the sky you will be shown the different constellations and stars in your area. You can pinch and zoom and examine stars in more detail. You can look at an earth view and see all of the satellites that are in orbit around the earth. This is an amazing view. If your looking at this during the evening or night time hours you can engage a night visibility mode so that it is easier to see. You can even turn on an augmented reality mode which uses the ios devices camera to display the night sky and overlay the data from the app on top so you can find the constellations and satellites. There is also a news section to let you know about the night sky and any updates that are being made to the app. If you want more detailed maps you can download their $3.99 map pack.

The sound track adds a nice ambient feel to the app. This app has gone through a few revisions and runs very smooth. The majority of the reviews can’t stop talking about how amazing this app is. A few people have complained about needing to calibrate the compass everyt ime they use the app. I don’t see this as a hindrance. At the time of the review this app is on sale for $0.99 (75% off). Along with the map pack you can even download a Santa tracker add on. This app may seem a little expensive if you buy everything and when it’s not on sale, but it I way cheaper then buying a telescope. I highly recommend this app.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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