Impossible Game Review
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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: FlukeDude LTD

Ah The Impossible Game now that is a title that grabs your attention right away isn’t it? I actually played this game a while ago on the Xbox so I was really looking forward to seeing just how well it would translate to the iOS. In theory this is a game that should be more at home on an iPad than on a TV. But let’s just see if this hard as nails game is as much fun on your iOS device.

The Impossible Game is not going to be up there at the end of the year when we are talking about awards for games with the best graphics. I really do not know what to tell you guys. You see this game is pretty much just made up of squares and triangles on a soothing blue type coloured background. And that pretty much is all there is to the game when it comes to its graphics. I am sure that at a glance you would think that this is surely a puzzle game. Well I have two things to say to that first of all don’t call me Shirley (classic airplane reference there. If you get it I am funny if not I am a weirdo. Either way is cool with me) and secondly you should no judge a game on the way it looks. Because this very basic looking game is actually a platform game.

Not only is it a platform game, but it is possibly the hardest platform game I have ever played. Well they could not have called it The Impossible Game and then have it be easy. The idea is simple a square will move along the level at what feels like 100mph. All you need to do is tap the screen o make it jump. You cannot land on triangles or slam into another square head on. It is not only the speed that makes this so tough, but the level designs as well.

This is a game that was made by some sadistic gamer. You see you can never take your eye of the screen for one second. Because in this game you get one life to beat a level. There is no extra life, extra guy, 1UP or whatever you want to call it. This is one chance then death and you will meet with death a great deal in this game. But the game is not actually unfair. It just requires a great deal of skill and level memorization to get through.

There is a practice mode which lets you put down a flag. This flag will be where you start your practice session at. This is great if there is a place you simply cannot pass. There are some jumps that require extreme precision. And this practice mode is a great help in that regard.

The Impossible Game is fantastic while I loved it on the Xbox I do think that it is suited better to an iOS device. It is just so addictive. Even though you will die over and over again the game never really gets that frustrating and when you do finally beat that level which you have been stuck on for hours you get such a great sense of accomplishment. Something that many platform games are lacking these days.
This game is one that you must download it is as simple as that!

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store