The Grading Game Review

-Unique approach to a game

-Highly Educational

-Fun & Addictive


-Tap issues at times when grading the papers

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

The Grading Game is a unique spin to the educational games out there. Your role is to race through and find typos and grammar errors in order to provide a certain grade.

The game offers you different play styles ranging from practice, campaign, and or quick play. In each mode, you find yourself grading example papers on various subjects from history to random topics. Not much in terms of graphics as the main portion of the game has you looking at text on a paper background. However that said the text has a sort of hand written visual to it and really does stand out on the iPhone. Not only does the game show you the mistakes but it goes further and explains it the type of error. It varies from simple grammar mistakes to advanced topics as you progress. What makes it more exciting is each level your timed adding onto the stress of grading the paper.

Controls are dead simple, tap wherever you see the error and be careful as each level has a set grade for you to give (so you want to try and score appropriately). Text in the game reads clear and crisp and you find yourself addicted to grading papers and racing against the clock on each level. Only issues in my experience with the app dealt with tap issues when grading. At times I’d tap something only to not have it register or accidentally hit something else but this wasn’t common.

The games approach at teaching while entertaining balances out well. The various game modes add on to its playability over time.  Overall at one dollar this really is a unique game that’s fun while still being educational and is worth the purchase.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store