The game of life by Electronic Arts is a $1 mobile version of the famous board game Life.

Life is a board game app designed around well your life. What choices you’ll make and how it’ll determine your future throughout the game. The end goal is to retire as wealthy and successful as the rest of the players. The possibilities really are endless in a game of this kind. The game is a digital version of the board game and EA did a great job at that. Design wise the app is smooth and colorful to match that of the original board game. Controls are all touch-based you spin a wheel as you do in the real board game and see where life takes you.

The Game of Life Review

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

As you progress through the game you encounter many different things. Getting a job, college or no school, where to live, and so much more. All of these choices help set you on your own path and only the game can tell how you’ll end up either rich or poor. As you play through the game some nice features have been implemented by EA. The ability to use your own iTunes to play music as you sit back and enjoy the board game is a nice touch. Multiplayer mode as well has been introduced in a pass and play sort of style. You can play with up to 6 players on one device. The game has a great sense of 3D based graphics to it. Making the board game really pop out and come to life on the screen.

As you play through life you get many memorable events like your first house. The game has a feature called the Life Journal to help you record all those events if you’d like to ever reflect back. The game offers multiple characters to play from, you can even compete against AI if you ever find yourself playing it solo.

-HD Graphics
-Simple Controls
-Pass n Play

-No Wifi Multiplayer

If you were a fan of the board game you can now carry it around in your pocket for $1, nothing really beats that. The game itself has all the rules from the board game so you’ll find yourself familiar on how everything goes. The AI is done well and the feature to speed up through their turn is a great function. Overall Life for the iPhone is another great example of a board game title turned digital. The graphics are great and it packs a ton of features original players will love. Whether you play it by yourself or with friends in the pass and play mode you won’t be disappointed. The game of life classic edition is available today in the app-store for only $1.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store